Paula SarahBoni MinGucci, Founder of The Ekklesia Of The Most High and The Rev. joins the conversation. Paula shares her experiences in the realms of heaven and how to help you get breakthrough in entering in.

Show Notes:
– Push for the mysteries
– Continue the cleansing, esp. bloodline and DNA cleansing. (REF. book by Natasha Vermac)
– Pre-flood technologies & learning to use portals to travel in the Next Age (REF: Bruce Allen on Sid Roth)
– Melchizedek priesthood and 4 faces of God
– Zadok priesthood
– 4 chambers of God's heart
– Ascension basics
– Cleansing our DNA to be white light to interact with Father, Yeshua & Holy Spirit.
– Being pliable, teachable
– Angel Mystery, always releasing more when we press in to relationship with God
– Cultivate the romance of relationship, baptism in Fire – CHOOSE GOD.

BOOKS: The Lifestyle of Heaven Ascending: You can live in heaven more than on the earth
Volumes 1 and 2.

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