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About Kingdom Talks Media

Welcome to Kingdom Talks Media where we promote Unity, Love, Honor, and Respect for ALL of God’s Children.  You’ll find our conversations are with “Transitionaries” who are helping to make a way for those who are ready to cross over into the Age to Come.

This website is designed to help you find the MORE that God has for each one of us.

Gil and Adena Hodges have designed one of the most profound, yet easy to follow online discipleship courses to help everyone build on a solid Biblical foundation that will set you free to soar into the Heavens and discover what your heart has been desiring.

After laying the solid Biblical foundation for “walking in the Heavens” through The Ultimate Impact Series, Gil and Adena encourage you to explore other leaders and teachers from around the world who are listed on the website who are getting downloads from the Heavens that will help you engage at whatever level to which you are called.  

Please, enjoy and explore this website! Father has an infinite universe for you to explore!

Kingdom Talks Media is all About

Non-Negotiable Plumb Lines

Calling 100,000 believers!
Learn about our core beliefs, and take the pledge to stand with us in unity as we navigate into the Next Age with God.


Next Age Movement

As we enter the next age, God is doing something never before seen in human history. We believe it’s time to learn about what’s shifting, and equip for our unique place and role in the Kingdom of God.  

Unity & Love

Awakening is a process, and we’re all at a difference place, and coming with different backgrounds.  In order to come together as an army of one, we must have a commitment to unity during the transition.

Kingdom Talks Show

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Kingdom Talks Welcomes Lindy Strong To The Conversation

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Matt and Pearl Nagy join Gil Hodges, Adena Hodges and Heather Rayner on Kingdom Talks!

Matt and Pearl Nagy Joins Kingdom Talks Find out more about Ultimate Impact Online Course and start your free trial ...
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Repentance Leads to Blessing with Paula Mingucci on Kingdom Talks

Paula SarahBoni MinGucci, Founder of The Ekklesia Of The Most High and The Rev. joins the conversation. Paula shares her ...
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